node-558 is an installation for CRT television monitors, palm trees, and live electronics by media artist Luc Bokor-Smith. Comprised of vintage broadcast monitors and a visual system programmed in the coding environment Max/MSP, node-558 is intended as an homage to the golden age of pirate broadcasting. The project takes its name from Laser 558, which was a pirate radio station that operated in the mid-1980s from the MV Communicator, a Panama-registered ship in the international waters of the North Sea, broadcasting music to much of Western Europe.

Inspired by the dichotomy of isolation and constant connectivity of living on a broadcast ship, node-558 was conceived as a remote outpost serving as the only known link to civilization, hidden somewhere deep in a distant jungle.  

node-558 was designed and built in New York City in 2018 and premiered at PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in Miami Beach, FL from December 6 - 9, 2018.